Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, & Physics Advising

Engineering, Computer Science, Math, and Physics Advisors are available to help. Please see the information below to determine the best person to meet with based on your specific needs.

General and transfer course planning, general education requirements, first-year mandatory advising appointments, upper division admission planning, petition help, postbacs pursuing second bachelor degrees and more, make an appointment with one of the ECSMP academic advisors below (Chandler, Karen or Linda).

Modified course plans or tracks for upper division major courses, choosing upper division major electives, senior capstone:

Appropriate faculty advisor by department. Appropriate contact info at the bottom of this page.

Career/internship questions:

Frank Goovaerts engineering and computer science career advice, including differences between engineering/cs careers, resume critiques, and internship opportunities.
Math and Physics please connect with the appropriate faculty advisor. See the bottom of this page.

Computer Science:

Students already admitted to the Upper Division Computer Science program should make an appointment with Barbara Sabath.
The CS Graduate Advisor provides advising to prospective post-baccalaureate students and all CS graduate students. Prospective post-bac students must attend a CS Post-bac info session prior to setting up an appointment with the CS Grad Advisor.

Still not sure or have another question? Contact us at 503-725-4631 or

Linda Wasson

Karen Kennedy

Chandler Duff

Jodi Stiegemeyer